Working with you to sell your property

As part of our appraisal service, we provide an estimate of your home's worth, including a neighbourhood analysis and recent sales figures, at no cost to you.

If you're wondering 'how much is my home worth?' or 'what can I sell my property for?' then simply enter your details in the form below and one of our local agents will be in touch.

The process

A thorough property assessment

Our agent will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property, taking into consideration its most appealing features. This assessment will include an analysis of the property's size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, available parking, and overall condition, as well as the quality of fixtures, fittings, and any renovations.

Recent sales analysis

Our agent will meticulously examine recent sales data from the area to pinpoint properties similar to yours and their corresponding sale prices. We will then provide you with this information, allowing you to review it at your convenience.

Property price estimation

Taking into account the assessments outlined earlier, the agent will provide you with an estimate of the expected selling price for your property.

Location evaluation

As a local expert, our agent will evaluate the location's attractiveness to potential local buyers. This assessment will take into account factors such as proximity to shops, restaurants, other essential amenities, and the quality of nearby schools. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to download our complimentary suburb-by-suburb pricing guide.

Adding value to your property

Our agent can offer recommendations for intelligent enhancements to your property that have the potential to boost the sale price, often exceeding the cost of these improvements.